The estate Het Kervel


The history of Het Kervel, located in the ‘Gelderse Achterhoek’, goes back till about the year 1370 and is one of the oldest estates of this area. It started with: ”Die adellijke havesathe Meyerinck.” (The noble property of Meyerinck). In 1422 it was owned by Steven van Kervenhem (or Kervenheim). Some people believe that two ladies from the German town Kervenheim, not far from Venlo, gave it first this name. Many things happened here. The main building has been rebuilt several times. An important extension took place in 1906 by baron and baroness von Twickel. There is a stone tablet as a reminder. In those days the total estate with farms and land properties measured approximately 1138 hectares. In one of the longest public sales the most things were sold in 1917. A Jewish family by the name Philips became the new owner and a certain mister Ben de Graaf was the manager. An excellent book about this troubled period has been published from W.J.M. Hermans, a writer from Hengelo, with the title: ‘Adres Kervel-Kelder’ (Address Kervel-Basement). In World War II Het Kervel served as an emergency hospital and hiding place. Some English pilots found here a save home and 18 Jews were hidden in the basements for a long time. From 1949-1969 it became a nunnery and a chapel was build. In 1985 it was bought by the present owner, the Elijah Foundation. With gardens and park this estate has approximately 2.2 hectares. In the nineties it became a local monument. It has some beautiful monumental trees of which one has a height of approximately 30 metres.


Management and goals

Some enthusiastic Christians and literature-evangelists founded this place, with the idea of a retreat centre, a place where people can come to one-self and meditate in a rural surrounding. The wellbeing and health of people is one of the main goals and therefore the foundation organizes courses and meetings, mostly held at Het Kervel, but also in other places and countries.
The magazine 'The Ark' is produced here and also a regular newsletter. The foundation supports several projects as well, mainly in third world countries. Management and maintenance are mainly done by volunteers (volunteers are welcome). To meet the bills, rooms and apartments are rented. Also there is a small shop that sells health products, books, cd’s, etc. Besides the foundation is happy with the donations coming in.
There is a garden to raise a substantial part of the needed vegetables and fruits.

The Logo

The three angels on the logo are found in Revelation 14:6-13. These are the last warning messages from a loving Creator and heavenly Father to save people from this world which is threatened with destruction. This logo was designed by Mr. W. White, from Los Angeles, USA, as a gift to the foundation.


Through out the year several meetings are held at Het Kervel. The International Campmeeting is known to many. Bible study takes a central place and there is an emphasis on personal formation of character and preparation for the second coming of Christ. It also gives a good opportunity to meet friends (again). Young people and children have a special programme.
There are also weeks of missionary training to enable the students to preach and witness. House to house evangelism with singing and music are part of such programmes. For more information, click at activities.