the advent school


To provide a school that is based on the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy and where character development, academic training and practical vocational skills go hand in hand, preparing children not only for this life, but also for the life to come.  



Children are unique and a gift of God. As a school we share the burden of parents to train their children with an individualized, Bible- and Spirit of Prophecy based curriculum so they will grow spiritually, mentally and practically to become joyful missionaries, who are rooted and grounded in their faith with an unselfish, confident and serving outlook in their family, community and the world at large. 

practical vocational training

The Advent school has a unique practical program where the children learn to bear responsibilities. They are taught practical things in life whereby when they grow up they will be able to handle the challenges of life better. The would learn to do several practical things on their own and not depend on someone. Their character bear principles of life and eventually they become good citizens for the country. The practical program also keeps them in the best of health where they get clean fresh air and exercise and learn to work together and bring results.